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The Innerflow Difference

Many air conditioner cover manufacturers claim that their air conditioner cover offers full weather protection, when in fact using their air conditioner cover will ultimately do more damage than good to your air conditioner unit. Air conditioner covers that are not approved by the manufacturers either trap moisture due to inadequate ventilation or are cut too short, exposing the air conditioner cabinet and fins, and making them vulnerable to damaging weather conditions and flying debris.

The Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover featuring the Patented Innerflow System is the only air conditioner cover that has been tested and approved by the air conditioner manufacturer. Although outdoor air conditioner units are made to withstand the elements, the only air conditioner cover that is industry recommended and will protect the air conditioner unit inside and out is the Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover.

This is how it works!

In the fall, winter and early spring, a sunny day can significantly raise the temperature inside a covered air conditioner unit, as the air conditioner cover absorbs the sun's radiant heat. This temperature variance between the interior of the covered air conditioner unit and the outside ambient temperature generates a condensation build-up. Unlike conventional air conditioner covers that trap this warm condensing air, the Innerflow System effectively maintains a balance between the relative humidity inside and outside of the air conditioner cover, thereby reducing and even preventing the formation of rust.

The Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover

A Conventional Air Conditioner Cover

Air Conditioner Cover Comparison Chart

Removes humid air while maintaining interior dryness, extending the life of the air conditioner unit.

Traps humid air resulting in premature corrosion and rust, reducing the life of the air conditioner unit.

Introducing The Innerflow System

The Innerflow System is molded from a highly durable PVC material, attached to our custom-made air conditioner covers. This specially engineered section allows air to move freely throughout the covered air conditioner unit, yet prevents rain and snow from entering, keeping the air conditioner unit dry and free of damaging condensation.

Top Quality Vinyl

The Innerflow Air Conditioner Covers are made only from the highest quality materials, carrying with it strict standards. Superior features such as UV protection, anti-cold crack, fire retardant, mildew and fungus free gives this air conditioner cover complete weather protection.

The Perfect Fit

Not all air conditioners are the same. That is why our air conditioner covers are all custom designed to fit specific models. We will meet the manufacturer's specifications to ensure a perfect fit.

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